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Pittsburgh Native. I grew up with a Commodore 128 and haven't stopped at the keyboard since. (Well, maybe during a Steelers game or two). I started working in my teens with technology and am a proud graduate of Southern New Hampshire University, I now work full time as a computer platform engineer, however, I continue to specialize in SEO and YouTube optimization and developing online businesses that address the pain points YOU may suffer

My goal has been to support businesses local to Pittsburgh with their web presence. I have a division that focuses specifically to musicians, bands and venues. My passion for music started from my days in High School and furthered by my days working as a manager at Blockbuster Music [Yes! Blockbuster had a retail music chain.] Having that experience has helped me relate to the artists i work with. It's now transitioned to digital production that requires expertise in social media - Did you know that the second largest search engine is YouTube?

You can often find me at the local dog park with my Lab, Luke. It gives him an opportunity to run like crazy and for me to relax a bit. It's fun because it's almost like watching kids at a playground. He seems to curl up to new people, but will bark at me when I come to the front door. Some guard dog he is!


project samples

A paper on a practical example of Classes & Methods that could be used in the real world

This paper was required for a mid-term module in my 2014 semester at SNHU: View the paper here. Microsoft Word.

Basic Number sort in Java that prompts for 3 numbers and sorts in non-decending order

This was the third basic program built in the class at SNHU: Zip File containing java and class file

Basic Bootstrap Example

This was a 'fake' sales page to demonstrate bootstrap and media queries as well as using features like the accordian Demo Sales Page

Example Service Notification

As a quiz, I was requested to write an example notification in either Python or Perl. Read the rest here

CSS Image Gallery

It's amazing what you can do with JUST css. The following is an example of an image gallery that you can do strictly in CSS CSS Gallery Page

YouTube Project

Facing West. Two sisters with guitars. They started as teens running Facebook live sessions. They now have more than 60k subscribers! Facing West Music



2012 - now
Mac-Works - Web Design, Media Management and Branding in Pittsburgh, PA

Extensive work with innovative technologies, UI, UXD and SEO best practices and testing to drive traffic and user engagement. Able to drive project management and complete individual and team work that satisfies clients with attractive, valuable results. Extensive experience with web server configuration and management for optimal performance. Continuously improving through schooling and other online training to learn Foundation Framework, version control and node.js through training sites like codeacademy, udemy, udacity and more. I've been very fortunate to work with incredible clients such as Rich Engler, Rusted Root, The Clarks, Carla Bianco, Rachel B, Highway 4 [Now, The Coalition]and more.

2010 - 2012
Expedient - Supervisor, Operations Center.

I worked hand in hand on in fiber/gigabit Ethernet WAN connectivity in the datacenters for services including, but not limited to Server Management and monitoring, Managed Exchange, Firewalls, Load Balancing and VMware virtualization

2004 - 2010
Apple, Inc.

Track record of being consistently and continuously promoted. Developed expertise in Apple Hardware and Software and integrating with 3rd party products



Kevin Matan (Web Strategist)

Drinks way too much Mt.Dew. SNHU!`` Fan of reading technical books when I'm not reading Steven King. Likes summer drives with the windows down and the music up. I'm sure you can find more by stalking me on Linkedin or on Google

(+1) 412 943 7662